Sorting Through Your Contacts

There might be different ways you'd like to sort through your contact list in the app aside from alphabetically. In this article, we provide an overview of how all the sort options work. 

All the sort options below are available in the Contacts tab under the search field. Tap the dropdown to the right of the "SORT BY:" label to access all the options below.

Contact Sorting Options

  • First name A-Z: Sort by first name alphabetically 
  • First name Z-A: Sort by first name in reverse alphabetical order 
  • Last name A-Z: Sort by last name in alphabetical order 
  • Last name Z-A: Sort by last name in reverse alphabetical order 
  • Most recently added: Contacts most recently added manually (directly through the app or Web Portal, through the Contact Form, Buy Form, or by uploading via a CSV) appear at the top 
  • Least recently added: Reverse order from 'most recently added'
  • Most lifetime order value: Contacts with the greatest sum of total order value (visible in the Sell with AMI app—either by adding orders manually or through back office syncing) are visible at the top
  • Least lifetime order value: Reverse order from 'most lifetime order value' 
  • Most recently followed up with: Based on how recently a follow-up was completed for a given contact
  • Least recently followed up with: Reverse order from 'most recently followed up with' 
  • Most recently contacted: Based on how recently you contacted a contact from the app. This could be by sending a message directly from their contact profile in the Contacts tab, or by completing a follow up in the To Dos tab
  • Least recently contacted: Reverse order from 'most recently contacted' 
  • Most number of orders: Greatest number of times purchased from you (visible in the AMI app—either by adding orders manually or through back office syncing) are visible at the top. This is different from lifetime value in that someone may have ordered from you once by the order value was greater than the sum of the order value of your most frequent customer. 
  • Least number of orders: Reverse order from 'most number of orders'