Tagging Business Links to Social Shop Posts

Tag your Hostess Page, the Opportunity Page, and your Personal Website directly to a Social Shop post!

We know you spend time curating your content, taking beautiful pictures, and coming up with creative ways to use and advertise your products. With this in mind, AMI has made it even easier for you to connect with your followers via Social Shop.

Tagging business links to posts allows you to lead your followers right back to the source for becoming a host, becoming a team member, and for shopping directly from your personal website.

To link a business link to a Social Shop post:  
  • Open a To Do for tagging a post in Social Shop in AMI.
  •  Click tag post with a business link.
  • Click on the business link you'd like to tag. 
  • Viola! You've tagged your business link to a Social Shop post!