Setting Up Instagram to Message Contacts

Your guide to setting up Instagram in AMI so you can reach out to your contacts

To find an individual contact's Instagram (IG) handle, visit your Instagram friend's page and take a look at the URL. For example, the URL for AMI's IG is You can add this entire link to AMI to make sure you can send an Instagram message from the app. 

We recognize adding Instagram handles can take some time. This is due to security measures taken by IG. For a quicker way to add multiple handles at one time, try adding them to a CSV file and uploading it to or by asking your customers to fill out your Contact Form with their information. You can also add this information using AMI's Web Portal if you are an AMI Pro subscriber.

Add a contact's Instagram handle to their profile

  1. In the app, find your contact by scrolling or searching for their name.
  2. Tap their name in the list of contacts. You'll see their individual profile.
  3. Tap their initials in the circle or profile image. This will open a page that allows you to edit this contact's information.
  4. Scroll to the section with the header Social Media Handles.
  5. Paste the contact's Instagram profile link in the field that says Instagram Handle (with the Instagram logo to the left). The handle is normally a combination of letters and numbers for the person's account (so, for example, AMI's is @sellwithami
  6. Scroll to the bottom and tap the Save button.

When you tap the Contact button anywhere for this customer or are completing a follow up for them, you'll now see the Instagram message option.

Messaging with Instagram from the app

When contacting an individual via Instagram from the app, AMI will ask to redirect you to Instagram. Once you're taken to the contact's IG profile, you will need to tap Message

*Note: Due to IG restrictions, verbiage from templates is unable to be pre-populated in the message text box. However, the template is copied to your clipboard; all you have to do is tap in the message field, hold, and tap "Paste." This is exactly how messaging using Facebook Messenger works from the app!