Editing Your Brand's Settings

Setting up your account if your company does not have a Partnership or a catalog available with AMI

If your company doesn't have a Partnership with AMI or your catalog isn't pre-loaded into AMI, you will need to do some extra setup in the app to make sure your information is properly set for a full experience. When setting up your account during the signup process, these steps need to be followed before jumping into the app. 

How to set up or modify your company settings

  1. Navigate to the Account tab in the app (right-most tab at the bottom with the gear icon)
  2. Scroll until you see the My brands heading and select the name of your company. If you didn't select a name, it will default to "Brand." Tap the name of the company.
  3. In this form, you can specify:
    1. The company name 
    2. Website (if you are a direct seller with a personal website, list your personal website) 
    3. Your market (this ensures all product prices appear in the correct currency)
  4. Once you are done updating the fields, tap Update

Now that you've set your company settings

Here is what AMI is able to do: