Samples & Follow Ups

Quickly track samples and receive follow-up reminders

AMI can easily track when you’ve given samples to your contacts for follow up.  

Logging a Sample in AMI

  1. Navigate to Contacts and search for the contact you’ve given a sample to.
  2. Tap the teal circle with the + sign at the bottom right corner or Actions in the upper right-hand corner.
  3. Tap Record Sample.
  4. Next, you can either tag a category or a specific product. *Note that we may not always have the specific product available to tag, especially if it is retired or no longer available in your catalog. In these cases, selecting a category is best. Multiple samples may be recorded for a particular contact at the same time, generating a single To Do to follow up on the samples given. You can always record more details in the Notes section of your contact. 
  5. Once you’ve selected the product or category, you can modify the date if necessary. AMI will automatically select today as a default.
  6. Later, you can see each contact’s samples by going to their profile and scrolling through their Timeline.

Following Up After Sharing a Sample

When you hand out a sample, be sure to log the sample in the app. You will be reminded to follow up with the customer to ask their experience with the sample, troubleshoot any issues or concerns they may have, and hopefully turn that sample into a sale!

Updating Sample Follow Up Timeframe

You can update the timeframe of sample follow ups based on the type of product you promote and how it was sent or given out (for example, if your samples are usually sent via mail, you may want to check in on the contact about one week out as opposed to a few days to provide time for the sample to arrive). There is only one notification to configure within AMI: select when to receive the notification by selecting “Follow up after sharing a sample” under To Do settings and select the timeframe that works best for your business.

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