Categorizing Yourself as "Me"

Tag yourself within your contact profile to filter out follow-up reminders for your personal orders 

Contact categories were designed to help organize and easily sort all the different types of contacts you manage for your business, and this includes you! Marking yourself as "me" indicates your orders are personal ones, filtering those out of your generated follow ups (so you aren't prompted to thank and check in with yourself!). 

*Note: This feature is specifically for those with partnerships as orders are automatically synced from their back office

To mark yourself as "me"

  1. Navigate to the Contacts tab (second from the left with person icon).
  2. Search or browse for yourself. 
  3. Select your contact profile. 
  4. Tap the + Add a Category button below your name.
  5. You will be navigated to the Edit Categories screen for yourself.
  6. On this screen, select Me under Other. At this point, you can navigate anywhere else in the app and the selection will be saved.
  7. Tapping the < icon in the upper left-hand corner of the screen will navigate you back to your contact page. You will now see your selected category below your name.