Learn how to be #poweredbyAMI

Getting Started

Account & Settings

Managing your AMI account and settings

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Answers to top questions

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AMI Partnership Program

How an AMI Partnership saves you time and how to help bring one to your company

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AMI Referrals Program

How to earn rewards when you help more people discover AMI.

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Relationship Building & Follow-Up

Adding Contacts

How to add all the contacts you never want to let slip through the cracks

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Automated Follow-Ups

AMI's automated, regular reminders to reach out

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Contacts Overview

An overview of how AMI captures information about your contacts

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Contact Categories

How to capture all your different contacts easily with categories

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Managing Team & Recruits

Categorizing those in your pipeline to make sure you continue to build your team

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Managing Prospects

How to make sure prospects never fall through the cracks

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Messaging Channels

Whether via FB Messenger, text, IG, email or a a good ol' phone call

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Selling On-The-Go

Collecting Payments

How to use your social payments and point of sale apps to collect payments.

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Connecting Social Media

How to connect your FB and IG accounts

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Events and Cash & Carry

Using AMI to capture leads and record purchases

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Creating Your Own Products

3 articles

Sending Product Recommendations

How to share a single product or a wishlist to an existing or prospective customer

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Social Selling

How to use Instagram to capture new customers and sell from anywhere

14 articles

Tracking & Analytics

Measuring the impact of your social selling efforts

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Goal Setting & Tracking Progress

Goals & Reports

Monthly & yearly goals and our monthly round-up mailer

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Tracking Progress

Measuring the impact of all your reach outs and relationship building activities

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